Perception Of Aroostook (What's Yours ?)

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Outdoor Adventures


Aroostook River Trip: 10 mi Washburn To Presque Isle.  Kayak rentals and shuttle service available

Presque Isle Stream Trip: Easy paddling from downtown boat landing

Presque Isle Stream: 18 Mi from Beaulier Bridge. Available when water is at right level. (Call for more information)

Squa Pan Lake Outing: 8 to 12 mi paddle on lake.  Wilderness campsite available for overnight camping trips

Perception of Aroostook Triple Play  Bike/Hike/Kayak 
(Triple Play Club) accomplish  3.1 mile Run /3.1mile Bike /4.5mile Kayak on POA Trails.  Kayak up Aroostook River around island and back.

Winter Adventures      Featuring Alpina Back County Ski Rental Equipment

Perception of Aroostook Trail From Store  Back County Ski Trips      Rental Available

Serveral Local Areas (within a short distance) that can be visited

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